Evernote in Education

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Evernote is a note-taker, picture-grabber, audio-storage place in the “cloud” that has apps for “i” devices and Andriod.  It also has a web-based site, too.  It can be used by an educator to collect vital pieces of student work (visual or audio) to demonstrate progress.  It can also be used by students to create an on-going portfolio of work, easily shared during conferences, meetings, etc. for reflection, goal setting and lots more.  Each student could “share” their notebook with their teacher so teachers can keep an eye on the effectiveness of usage and the “notes” that are being taken by each student.  If a student has a great example of….  anything…. they can share it with the snap of a photo and an email to parents!  Here are a few links with more information.

Evernote in Schools

Evernote as E-folios blog


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This teacher’s blog on Evernote in education, specifically e-portfolios, has some great information. Check it out.

Evernote as Portfolio

One of the basic ways to information into evernote is to use your evernote email address. Every Evernote account comes with an email address. You can find your email address by clicking on Tools->Account Info in the desktop client. Everything that is sent to this email address becomes a note in your default notebook in evernote. If you send a picture and text both of those things will be in the note. If you email an audio file that will become a note.

If you want to assign the email that you are sending to create a note in another notebook besides your default notebook, in the subject line of your email Include the @notebook. So lets say you wanted to send your email to the notebook called blog you can. Just send it like this

SUBJECT: This is the title @blog

BODY: what ever you want in the note.

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Curated Lists of Apps in Education

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Sources for More Apps

A Couple Great Ed-Tech Blogs

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teachthought.com and edudemic.com both include lots of informative articles, tips, and links to technology related stuff and how it is being integrated into education today.

“Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything” Webpage

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Kathy Schrock has put together this webpage of ideas and a ton of helpful links.  Check out her iPad page here.

DIY Projects for the Classroom and Home

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DIY.org is a web page with a Cubs, Scouts, Brownies-style badge system for the completion of Do-It-Yourself projects.  The challenges involve creativity, problem solving, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Want to earn your “Fort Builder Badge” or “Biologist Badge”, then you need to complete 3 of the 11 challenges in that particular category, like building a tee-pee or making a model of a cell.  The links in the challenges include videos, pictures and/or instructions on how to complete the challenge.  Once you’re finished you upload a picture of your creation and check off the skill as completed.  Great for all those students who love hands-on projects.  Click here for more information.  Get another perspective from this article.

Welcome to the Bruce Trail Library and I.T. Website

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Welcome to our on-going digital hub for information regarding the Library Learning Commons and the “all things I.T.” site here at Bruce Trail.  Visiting this site will hopefully provide you with necessary library links and I.T. information specific to Bruce Trail and from around the web.  At the top of the “notepad” you’ll find the major categories for info and links with drop down menus that include more specific areas.  Bookmark us or join the WordPress blog and get the updates through notifications you can customize.