This teacher’s blog on Evernote in education, specifically e-portfolios, has some great information. Check it out.

Evernote as Portfolio

One of the basic ways to information into evernote is to use your evernote email address. Every Evernote account comes with an email address. You can find your email address by clicking on Tools->Account Info in the desktop client. Everything that is sent to this email address becomes a note in your default notebook in evernote. If you send a picture and text both of those things will be in the note. If you email an audio file that will become a note.

If you want to assign the email that you are sending to create a note in another notebook besides your default notebook, in the subject line of your email Include the @notebook. So lets say you wanted to send your email to the notebook called blog you can. Just send it like this

SUBJECT: This is the title @blog

BODY: what ever you want in the note.

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