Evernote is a note-taker, picture-grabber, audio-storage place in the “cloud” that has apps for “i” devices and Andriod.  It also has a web-based site, too.  It can be used by an educator to collect vital pieces of student work (visual or audio) to demonstrate progress.  It can also be used by students to create an on-going portfolio of work, easily shared during conferences, meetings, etc. for reflection, goal setting and lots more.  Each student could “share” their notebook with their teacher so teachers can keep an eye on the effectiveness of usage and the “notes” that are being taken by each student.  If a student has a great example of….  anything…. they can share it with the snap of a photo and an email to parents!  Here are a few links with more information.

Evernote in Schools

Evernote as E-folios blog