Miss Meldrum and I held an information meeting today for all Grade 6, 7, and 8 students interested in being Library Helpers this year.  The turnout was amazing with over 40 students attending the meeting! Our library is a beautiful and busy place that requires lots of upkeep to ensure books are organized properly and resources are readily available for staff and students.  Library Helpers help make this happen and I am so very pleased to learn so many members of our learning community are eager to offer assistance.

Starting next week, Library Helpers will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays during 2nd Nutrition Break.  Students will be trained on how to correctly shelve both fiction and non-fiction books, check-in library items, and use the Horizon Information Portal to identify and locate specific resources to help supplement learning goals.  Library Helpers will also assist with the creation of various Library bulletin boards and displays to help promote literacy initiatives and a love reading at Bruce Trail.

I can’t wait to get things started next week and work with an amazing group of eager students who cherish the library as much as I do.

– Miss Westbury