I.T. Integrators,

If you are looking for a possible integration idea that doesn’t involve a huge project, there is a great online resource, a digital whiteboard, found at http://www.padlet.com.  It provides a space for your whole class to add digital post-its of writing, images or videos.  It saves your “Wall”, making it a great place to return to, adding more or revising.  It works great for a ongoing class KWL-ish anchor chart, brainstorming, a place to post links to student work or collect class resources on a topic… to name a few examples.

To have students all get to the “Wall” I have shared the link in Edmodo, Google Classroom or had students scan a projected QR code.  Padlet works on iPads or Chromebooks and as a teacher you can sign in using your Halton Cloud account (“Sign in with Google”) to create the wall.

Here is a picture of an example: