Raz-Kids on iPads

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Raz-Kids has updated their iPad app and it now works without a further subscription and has been loaded on to the school iPads.  It may be a little slow/glitchy, but looks like it works fairly well.  Give it a try!!


Interested in Blogs?

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If you’re looking for an online publishing forum, we’ve got just the app for you!  Kidblog is a fully customizable blog service that is safe and secure.  It’s a great spot to publish final products or learnings from the day.  Each student can have their own blog or you could create a class one.  Here is a link to the webpage with lots more information.


Book Trailers in iMovie

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Looking for a new way for students to create a book report?  Why not try a book trailer like the ones Ms. Westbury has been showcasing as a part of the Forest of Reading introduction.  It’s a great way for students to demonstrate their comprehension of a text and can tie in nicely to media literacy and I.T.  iMovie is the perfect app to use for this project.  Let me know if you’d like to give it a try… or any other projects using iMovie.

Strip Designer – Comic Book Layout Publisher

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Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 2.02PM   Strip Design is a fantastic app for publishing comic-style writing and visuals.  This app accesses the camera roll to add it’s images and could be connected to so many different curriculum areas.  It would work well for procedural writing, narratives – “graphic novels”, or actual comic strips with an element of humour.   Sharing your comics is also made easy with this app!  You can convert files to PDF’s, email them, print them, etc.  Click here for lots more info about how this app could be used.

Evernote in Education

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Evernote is a note-taker, picture-grabber, audio-storage place in the “cloud” that has apps for “i” devices and Andriod.  It also has a web-based site, too.  It can be used by an educator to collect vital pieces of student work (visual or audio) to demonstrate progress.  It can also be used by students to create an on-going portfolio of work, easily shared during conferences, meetings, etc. for reflection, goal setting and lots more.  Each student could “share” their notebook with their teacher so teachers can keep an eye on the effectiveness of usage and the “notes” that are being taken by each student.  If a student has a great example of….  anything…. they can share it with the snap of a photo and an email to parents!  Here are a few links with more information.

Evernote in Schools

Evernote as E-folios blog

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This teacher’s blog on Evernote in education, specifically e-portfolios, has some great information. Check it out.

Evernote as Portfolio

One of the basic ways to information into evernote is to use your evernote email address. Every Evernote account comes with an email address. You can find your email address by clicking on Tools->Account Info in the desktop client. Everything that is sent to this email address becomes a note in your default notebook in evernote. If you send a picture and text both of those things will be in the note. If you email an audio file that will become a note.

If you want to assign the email that you are sending to create a note in another notebook besides your default notebook, in the subject line of your email Include the @notebook. So lets say you wanted to send your email to the notebook called blog you can. Just send it like this

SUBJECT: This is the title @blog

BODY: what ever you want in the note.

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