Scheduling Stuff – FAQ

When Can We Access the Library?


  1. – During class library visits and I.T. integration periods
  2. – Contacting (email or in person) Amy or Andrew about available times for collaborative work
  3. – Send students in groups of 2-3 during the day
  4. – Remind students about the Nutrition Break open library times….  coming soon, once all orientation sessions have been completed

How Can I Sign Out iPads?


  1. – Library Cart in collaboration with Andrew:  Check the “Library/I.T. Schedule” in Google Calendar and email Andrew with an available period that works for your class schedule (or come talk to him in the library)
  2. – “Downstairs iPad Cart” (rm. 108):  This is an official “resource calendar” so to book a spot on it you have to see what is available by subscribing (the same way you did for the library calendar) and going to the “rooms” section to actually book it. You don’t need to email anyone, just sign up and arrange to get it into your room.  Please don’t plug ipads in and be sure they are placed in the cart with the volume buttons pointing towards the ground and the plug socket facing out.
  3. – “Upstairs iPad Cart” (rm. 204):  Please follow the same sign-out procedure as the Downstairs iPad Cart, using the “Upstairs iPad Cart” calendar.

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